Before and After Testimonials


Though the years I’ve been struggling with my weight working out countless at the gym but still not seeing any results for a while I thought that was it was so frustrated I wanted to stop and give up thanks to my trainer George for pushing me to my Limits and his motivation and drive to help me I know have more confidence in my self esteem knowing that I feel good about what I accomplished so far makes me know that I can do anything the best part I look forward to actually working out now he makes it so much fun it’s worth it it may be hard I like that push and drive that he has towards his clients on achieving what ever your goal my be  I know I got my self esteem back because of him.

From Stephanie de la Cruz


Lots of hard work..

Little by little getting there…

#Thankssomuch #roocketfitness



lol thanx Jorgek so happy with the results so far!!

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