Todavía me falta un montón pero se que lo voy a lograr con esfuerzo y con la ayuda de nuestro entrenador
⭐️🌟🌟⭐️🌟hahahah veras que todas podemos















Though the years I’ve been struggling with my weight working out countless at the gym but still not seeing any results for a while I thought that was it was so frustrated I wanted to stop and give up thanks to my trainer George for pushing me to my Limits and his motivation and drive to help me I know have more confidence in my self esteem knowing that I feel good about what I accomplished so far makes me know that I can do anything the best part I look forward to actually working out now he makes it so much fun it’s worth it may be hard I like that push and drive that he has towards his clients on achieving whatever your goal my be  I know I got my self-esteem back because of him.







I had a great experience at Rocket Fitness. They have the best instructors and equipment needed to push you towards your goals. Sparky recommends Rocket Fitness to conquer all your fitness challenges.
















I have almost four months that I came back to Roocket Fitness at my heaviest weight 247lbs, the first few weeks were painful I remember every day I will try to find an excuse not show up, but with the support from Jorge and Amanda I kept my self-motivated to keep going and not give up, on the first 2 months and a half I lost a total of 30lbs when I weight myself I couldn’t believe I was shock and so happy that I kept pushing  on 03/20/17 I was at 217.5lbs and I started the Juice diet under the supervision of Jorge what was my surprise that on 03/26/17 I was down to 202.5 a total of 15lbs in one week.  I’m really grateful for all the support and motivation from the trainers at Roocket Fitness.















Lucy (lollipop)
Since coming to Roocket Fitness, my life has changed. It has now become like a second home. I came in first only to lose some weight, but I never expected to become addicted. I lost some weight and at the same time gained some strength. The feeling of being able to actually keep up for once, to not be the last one and lift heavy weight is indescribable. I owe all this to this gym, and especially master trainer George Duarte who pushes you to your limits and does not let you stop until you are finished. The classes are excellent and always trick and surprise y9our muscles, which enables your body to change. It is never boring, which makes it easy to keep coming. All I can say is that I still have a lot more that I want to accomplish and more goals to reach, and I intend on continuing my fitness transformation here.










Berenise (pato)
This gym has changed me physically but mentally. I highly recommended to those who had tried everything to lose weight and wants new challenges.  The trainers push you to the limit and the atmosphere it’s very friendly.













Maria (chicles)
Mi primer competencia de crossfit no gane el primer lugar pero descubrí que las metas se logran que soy demasiado fuerte que hay gente que te apoya en todo momento les agradezco a mis compañeros por su motivación y apoyo a mi entrenador que me dijo “SI CHICLES PUEDE”  y aquí está el resultado me preparo para lograr algo que yo están segura que no podía y gracias a mi esposo porque siempre me apoyo




















Liz (OMG)
When I first started with Roocket Fitness, my goals were only to lose some weight. I did not have any knowledge of crossfit or weightlifting. But as I kept coming to Roocket fitness, my goals completely changed. I am very fortunate to have met Jorge (master trainer). I can honestly say he changed my life. He has help me transform to the person I am today. He sees the potential you have that sometimes you don’t see in yourself. I am amaze of all the things that I have accomplished so far. I still have so many goals to reach, but I know I will reach them all by continuing to train at Roocket Fitness.











Nancy (planet fitness)
Estoy feliz porque soy la campeona de mi gym por una semana!!!! En verdad di todo mi esfuerzo en 17.4 workout del crossfit open!!! No lo puedo creer jijiji
I am the champion of the week!!!! 😃😃😃😃😃🏋🏋🏋💪💪💪💪💅 I love my gym!!! #roocketfitness #crossfitgirl #nopainnogain #gymislife #sorrynotsorry disculpen las fachas pero asi termina uno todos los dias en Roocket Fitness 😂😂😂














Ana (Tequila)
This is a really great gym. Coaches are really nice and always trying to help. I love seeing hard work pay off. You definitely get out what you put in and the results are addicting.